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Panchvati Ayurvrd Hospital
Dr. Mahesh Batewar
Ayurved & Panchkarma Specialist
According to Ayurveda, the structural aspect of every
individual is made up of five elements - pruthvi,jal,agni , vayu and
akash. The functional aspect of the body is governed by three
biological humors-vaat, pitta and kapha. Imbalance of these fluids
causes diseases in humans. Incompatibility in food and lifestyle
causes vitiation of toxins (doshas) in the body that ultimately leads
to various diseases. Panchkarma is the only treatment that not only
cleanses vitiated toxins but also cure Vata, Pitta and kaph.
Ayurvedic treatment comprise of  two major partís viz. 1)
Samshodhana chikitsa (bio-cleansing therapy) &   2) Samshodhan
chikitsa (pacifying therapy)
1)Samshodhan chikitsa consist of conservative treatment like
Langhan,pachan,drug administration etc.
2)samshodhan chikitsa envisages panchakarma treatment
which is basically a bio-cleansing regimen intended to eliminated the
toxic element from the  body  and thereby enhances the immunity
of the body.
Panchkarma is a detoxification process. It is a set of five
processes that involves Natsya,Virechan, Vaman, Basti and
Raktamokshan. It detoxifies and rejuvenates the body, mind, and
soul. It carries the unique idea of total health care. No other
medical system has any such therapy, which has not any side effect.

Available Fascilities  :
Snehan: stand for lubrication of body internally & externally.
Indication: Ruksha sharira (stiffness of body),Krisha
(emaciated),vatarogas(neuromuscular disorder), Ardhagwat
Swedan ( Steam Bath ) :Is the process to induce sweating
(swating) by ayurvedic  plant or material.
Indication:  Paralysis , Stiffness of  body,dryness, swelling,
Unique Purely Ayurvedic
Practice by
Dr. Mahesh P. Batewar
at PANCHVATI Ayurved
and Panchkarma
Athwadi Bazar,
Umarkhed,  Pin code-
445206, Dist.